Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Trailwood Ultra-Plush Pillowtop

Stearns and Foster Trailwood Pillowtop

Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Trailwood Ultra-Plush Pillowtop

Made Plainfield, Indiana. USA

Silk/Wool Woven Knit Fabric with Handles on Sides and Ends
Non-Toxic FlameGuard Rayon Fiber Quilted to Cover
1″ PrimaSense™ Gel Foam
.5oz Natural Fiber
1" PrimaSense™ Gel Foam

Pillowtop Support™ Layer (mini coils)
(Mini coils are designed to replace foam with steel, adding to the durability of a soft bed)
1" PrimaSense™ Gel Foam

Comfort Layers:

1.5″ PrimaSense™ Super Soft Gel Foam
4cm Adavanced Adapt™ Foam
(Although they tecnhically can't say it, let's just say that it is a very well known brand of Visco Elastic Memory Foam...)
.5" PrimaCore™ Gel Foam

Support System:
IntelliCoil™ 2.0 Individually Wrapped Coil-in-Coil System
Twice Tempered 14.87 Gauge Spring
Precision Edge™ Dual Coil Edge Support System

Mattress Type:
Individually Wrapped Intelicoil™ Coil-in-Coil Innerspring


At a 10 on our Comfort Scale, the Trailwood Pillowtop is really the ultimate in soft comfort. While this may be the softest bed that we carry, don't let that scare you. This bed uses some of the finest materials available to help prevent body impressions, even with this level of softness. Wrapped IntelliCoil, micro coils, Advance Adapt Foam and Hand Tufting throughout all combine to create a soft feel that will resist body impressions for years to come.

Although the Trailwood has deep-down support to spare, the sheer amount of material on top contribute to this being one of the few models that we do not recommend for stomach sleepers. Side and back sleepers, however, will find themselves in an almost "weightless" feeling while enjoying this bed.

Featuring very high-end materials, the Trailwood Pillowtop is considered an premium model in the Stearns line. Hand-Tufting is used to prevent shifting and bunching of upholstery layers, while micro coils replace foam padding with steel, increasing durabilty without sacrificing comfort.
Every model in Stearns' line now features the Precision Edge™, a dual coil spring edge support system utilizing two wrapped coils of thicker gauge, preventing roll-off and helping to maintain consistent support all the way to the edge of the bed. The Precision Edge also prevents sagging from repeated sitting on the edge of the bed.


Coil System: IntelliCoil Coil-in-Coil 2.0 System (with mini coils)
Coil Gauge: 14.87
Edge Support: Precision Edge Dual Coil System

Coil Counts:

TwinXL (38" x 80").....1335
Full (54" x 75")..........1738
Queen (60" x 80")......2044
King (76" x 80").........2656
Cal-King (72" x 84")...2638

Additional Information: 

Warranty: 10 Year Non-Prorated Manufacturers Warranty

Items covered under limited warranty can include:
- Body impressions greater than 1.5"
- Shifting, bunching, or clumping of upholstery materials
- Coils or wires that are loose or broken
- Coils or wires that protrude through the fabric
- *Sagging: your sleep set must be continuously supported by an appropriate foundation, or equivalent, with an appropriate bed frame. The frame should include a rigid center support with legs that support down to the floor.
*NOTE: A mattress warranty will be considered void in the event of any staining or being in an unsanitary condition.

Items covered under Foundation warranty can include:
- Splits in the wood frame
- Squeaking, rattling or other non-typical noises
- Broken, loose, or defective boards
- Loose or broken module wires

The Warranty does NOT cover:
- Soiled or stained products
- Damage incurred from using an improper foundation. *See our FAQ section pertaining to this issue
- Mattress fabric