Position Yourself for a Good Night’s Rest With an Adjustable Bed

Adjustable Bed

When you try to go to sleep, do you have a hard time finding just the right position? Maybe you should have a bed that finds the position for you.

At Mattress Mart, we offer one of the most advanced and comfortable adjustable bed bases on today's market. The Rize line of adjustable beds from Mantua offers extensive features features that allow you to adjust your bed in multiple upper and lower body position adjustments, not just raise or lower your head.

The Rize beds feature pre-set memory positions for ease of use through a keypad or wireless remote. At the touch of a button, most beds in this line allow you to adjust it to a true "lounge" position that lowers your legs for greater comfort and reduce lower back pain while the head of the bed is in an upright position. Use your remote to further adjust positions, or signal your bed to return to the flat default position.

Many of the Rize beds also have an interactive massage therapy feature to help you relax during the day or evening, and get an even better night's sleep.

With the bed's remote, you can program preset massage treatments to give you a range of personal preferences. You can select an invigorating massage to stimulate your senses. In the mood for something more calming? Choose a soothing, wave-like experience that, eases your tension, aches and pains, and lefts you drift into a more relaxing state of mind and body.
Some beds also come with an LED nightlight positioned under the bed so you can get up in the middle of the night without having the light disturb your partner.

You can also ease your mind about the reliability and safety of the Rize bed you sleep on.

Mantua is among the largest family-owned manufacturers and distributors of steel bed frames in the United States. The Ohio-based company, with additional manufacturing plants in Texas and Florida, is a leader in building innovative, adjustable steel bed frames and other products designed to give you a good night's sleep.

You don't have to worry about having your bed stuck I an upright position if a storm knocks off your power. Rize's control box, the bed's central power source, includes a battery back-up system to allow you to bring your bed to a flat or other preferred sleeping position. And if the same storm sends a power surge into your home, the control box has a replaceable low-amp fuse to protect the system's components from damage.

While the Rize's multiple positions provide you with comfort when lying on the bed, you can also take comfort that the motorized control won't cause problems below the bed. Each bed as a "Gravity-Release" safety feature that automatically stops the motor if the frame meets an obstruction, to ensure the continuing force or pressure won't damage the bed or what you stored under it.

While the metal-housed lift system is engineered so you have a greater range of motion from head to to, the mechanical design also allows for greater weight capacity and maximum strength. Rize's steel legs are also built to provide maximum stability.
For the ultimate peace of mind, Mantua covers its Rize adjustable bed bases with a 20-year warranty.

Find out more about the Rize bed at the Mattress Mart website, or come see us at our Portage, Battle Creek or downtown Kalamazoo store and let our staff fill you in more about the features of this amazing, adjustable bed base.

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