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We have customers at Mattress Mart who are very particular when it comes to selecting a mattress, and rightly so. But what about the pillows? These can be just as important for a good night's sleep so you wake up relaxed and refreshed, as well as free of neck and back pain that can be exacerbated by the wrong pillows.

Mattress Mart features pillows from two premium pillow and bedding manufacturers, Pure Latex Bliss and Pacific Coast Feather Company, both offering products exclusively made in the U.S.A. Pillows from each company offer the ultimate in comfort and proper support.

Pure Latex Bliss offers pillows filled with sustainable, all natural latex extracted from rubber trees. The company's sustainable, environmentally friendly process uses natural, biodegradable ingredients. Pure Latex Bliss pillows are an ideal choice for allergy sufferers as the latex fill is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. The pillow's latex foam fill supports your head and neck as it instantly conforms to your body's shape.

A special line of Pure Latex Bliss pillows are filled with what the company labels LatexDown and describes as "scrunchable puffs (that) are a cool and comfortable alternative to the decadence of down."

On the other hand, if you can't resist the wonderful decadence of down, then turn to the pillows we offer from Pacific Coast Feather Co. And if you're a person who would love a feather down pillow but suffer from allergies, we have good news for you. Pacific Coast pillows are also hypoallergenic.

While people have suffered allergic reactions from down-filled pillows, it wasn't the down they were allergic to. It was the dirt left from inadequate processing of the down and feathers that caused the allergic reactions. Pacific Coast resolves the issue by putting its fill through the company's Hyperclean® process. After inspecting the fill to meet Pacific Coast's strict standards and sorting the fill to remove any foreign object, the company places the feather and down into large washers and then into large drying bins to be blown dry. But once is not enough. The company repeats the cleaning process another seven times to remove all dust, dander, dirt and any other impurities.

What's left is an incredibly soft down and feather fill for Pacific Coast pillows. They also come come with a Double DownAround® pillow-in-a-pillow design that increases the amount of fluffy down that surround a feather inner pillow, providing plush cushioning and superior comfort.

Both Pacific Cost and Pure Latex Bliss offer a variety of support levels and specific designs to provide the correct support for your body and the way you sleep: on your side, back or stomach. If you're looking for pillows for a more comfortable sleep, come talk to us at Mattress Mart and try the pillows we have offer from Pacific Coast and Pure Latex Bliss. We're certain you will find just the right pillow to dream on.

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