Four Ways to Help Yourself Fall Asleep More Quickly at Night

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Some people fall asleep as soon as they lay down, while others, no matter how tired they are just cannot seem to drift off. The more this inability to fall asleep easily happens, the more stress and even adrenaline occurs when you’re trying to fall asleep – you’re worried you’re not going to be able to fall asleep and that keeps you up. In this post, we will look at five things you can do to help yourself fall asleep quickly and easily.

1. Look at your diet

One of the first things your doctor will inquire about when you tell them you’re having trouble falling asleep is your diet and alcohol intake. Few people realize that an abundance of carbohydrates and certain fats can actually lead to difficulty sleeping.

2. Keep the light out

Our bodies were designed to sleep at night in the dark. When your body is exposed to sunlight or even unnatural light, it stimulates your body and causes increased alertness. Curtains and blinds specifically designed to block out light are great for problem sleepers. If that’s not an easy option a sleep mask can do the trick.

3. See a doctor

Sometimes your body’s chemicals are not balanced. It may take a blood test to figure out what’s going on. In many cases the thyroid is the culprit.

4. Turn off your devices

This is a BIG one. More and more there are studies that show screen readers and phones being extremely detrimental to sleep, especially falling asleep. It is recommended that you turn off electronics at least an hour before bed. Pick up a book instead!

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