Tense Muscles? Try a Pure LatexBLISS Mattress

Pure LatexBLISS

If you've been considering the benefits of a memory foam mattress, you owe it to yourself to look into Pure LatexBLISS' Talalay latex mattresses. Offering many of the perceived benefits that memory foam offers, LatexBLISS' mattresses offer a number of additional advantages that simply cannot be matched. In this post, we're going to look at a few of the reasons that you may prefer a Pure LatexBLISS mattress over a standard memory foam mattress.

Talalay latex is breathable

The cell structure of Talalay latex rubber is breathable and allows for a temperature neutral environment. On the other hand, memory foam is a dense, heat-trapping material that can result in an undesirably warm sleep.

You can actually sleep "on" latex beds

Talalay latex has an "uplifting effect" that allows sleepers to rest atop the bed. Memory foam creates a "sinking effect" as it molds to your body, causing you to sleep inside the sunken areas that have been created.

Talalay latex responds quickly to movement

When you rotate into a new position, Pure LatexBLISS mattresses immediately respond to your movement, lifting you up and ensuring your comfort. Memory foam, as it molds more slowly to the body's shape, typically takes some time before returning to its starting state.

Latex mattresses are hypoallergenic

Memory foam mattresses are created from a petroleum-based product that releases gases with a very distinct odor. Talalay latex is a 100% hypoallergenic, natural material suitable for anyone that has a sensitive sense of smell or allergic reactions to memory foam materials.

Talalay latex rubber is durable

Because they are vulcanized, latex rubber mattresses are extremely durable. In fact, Pure LatexBLISS mattresses are created from the most resilient mattress material available.

At Mattress Mart, we offer a full line of Pure LatexBLISS mattresses. If you've tried memory foam mattress toppers and haven't been impressed with the results, we encourage you to stop by our show room and try these amazing mattresses. We promise that, by the time you leave, we'll have found the right mattress for you!

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