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As you’ve certainly noticed by now, Mattress Mart’s website has undergone a massive overhaul. Gone is the old site, with its confusing menu structure and lack of mobile responsiveness. Now, in its place, we’ve got a whole new menu system and, more importantly, the entire site is designed to display properly on all devices! From smartphones to desktop computers, you can now easily navigate our site whether you’re in the office or on the go.

A visual change that we’re especially proud of is the new site’s vibrancy. As we’re sure you remember, our previous site featured more subdued, neutral colors. The new site is awash in rich reds, adding a dose of color that helps to maintain attention and highlight important areas of the site.

One of the pages where this use of color is most apparent is on another new addition: our Current Beds page. This page uses a faceted search system to help you find exactly the mattress that you need. With sections that include latex, hybrid, value, adjustable, memory foam and more, you can narrow the results to display a range of beds that offer the features – and price points – that you are interested in.

At Mattress Mart, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our customer service. While we go to great lengths to ensure a welcoming, no-pressure shopping environment in our store, we wanted to go one step further and transition that experience into the online space. With the creation of our new site, we’re happy to have taken some great steps in that direction! Showcasing our numerous lines, our website now properly illustrates why we have a reputation as the best mattress store in Kalamazoo. If you’ve been searching for the perfect bedding or sleep accessories, be sure to check out our new pages and, if you’d like, stop in to see us at any of our three locations!

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