Protect-A-Bed® Adjustable Fill Luxury Waterproof Tencel® Lycocell Pillow

protectabed pillow waterproof hypoallergenic durable long lasting supportive

This pillow is a personal favorite of everyone that works at Mattress Mart. With everything this pillow has to offer, there is something here for everyone.
The Adjustable Pillow system features a waterproof cover with Miracle Membrane - this is the layer that genuinely matters.  It keeps everything that you don't want getting (and staying) in your pillow, out.  While 100% waterproof, it is still air permeable, meaning that it breathes and won't leave you sweating throughout the night.
Perhaps the feature that makes it just right for almost everyone is the removable microfiber filling.  Open it up and feel how silky soft the material is and you won't be able to stop.  Not only soft but durable.  (Larrs, who has been with us 15 years, has been using his pillow for over 7 years and is still his favorite!)
The original fill amount is probably best for side-sleepers, but just unzip the end and take out a few ounces of the special microfiber fill and suddenly the pillow works great for back and stomach sleepers alike.

What is Tencel®?  Tencel® is a 100% Eucalyptus-based fiber that is naturally pure and doesn't contain any pesticides or agricultural chemicals.  Tencel® has received many awards for its environmentally friendly manufacturing process. Click here to go to the Tencel® website for more information

This pillow is no slouch on the bed either; it weighs over 5lbs, so you'll want this to be one you think about taking to your next pillow fight!

Queen Protect-A-Bed Adjustable Fill Queen Pillow - $89

Queen Protect-A-Bed Adjustable Fill Queen Pillow with ANY MATTRESS PURCHASE - Only $79!

Product Information:

  • Removable comfort fill for genuinely personalized comfort
  • 60oz. of durable microfiber fill
  • 100% Tencel pillow cover has natural origins - hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking and inhibits bacterial growth
  • Waterproof Miracle Membrane™ layer promotes healthy sleep environment and is air-permeable, leading to cooler sleeping surface
  • Bed bug bite-proof, entry-proof and escape-proof with patented BugLock Secure Seal three-sided zipper
  • Good Housekeeping quality tested and approved
  • FDA Class 1 Medical Device
  • 5-Year manufacturer's warranty

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