Revolution Tech™ Transcend Pillow by Glideaway

Revolution Tech Transcend Pillow

The Transcend is one of our most popular offerings and its unique shape could be one of the reasons.
Utilizing a shoulder-hugging, curved shape, the design helps the Transcend support your neck like no other pillow by helping to get the pillow closer to your shoulder without having to bunch it up at the same time.
The Transcend uses a shredded latex and memory foam core which is removable, allowing the outside of the pillow to be washed on a regular basis, helping you keep your sleep environment that much cleaner and healthier.

If you're a tried and true side sleeper, this is the pillow for you.

Queen Transcend Pillow - Only $49!


Product Information:

  • Polyester Cover
  • Premium shredded latex and memory foam provide a conforming, breathable feel
  • Ultra Soft and Cool - a ventilated core aids in airflow, which helps cool you down at night!
  • Allergen Resistant
  • Feran Ice and Air Plus Mesh Panels - provide a breathable and wicking fabric that will help keep you cool
  • 3-Year Warranty

Shredded Latex & Charcoal-Gel Memory Foam Combo | Curved Shape
Dual Sides | Queen Size | High Profile

Shredded Gel Infused Memory Foam
Shredded for comfort and gel beads for a cooler night’s sleep
Charcoal Infused
Fewer bacteria and allergens for healthier rest
Feran Ice® and Air Plus™ Mesh Panels
Breathable and wicking fabrics keep you cool and fresh

3 Year Warranty