Is my mattress ruined if it is sagging?

Short answer: Not necessarily. Although a sagging mattress may be a symptom of a worn out sleep set, it may also be caused by an unsupportive or worn out foundation, an improper bed frame, or the sagging may simply be the normal body impressions formed in a mattress. Compared to older mattresses, newer mattress sets will generally show some degree of body impressions, usually with indentations of up to 1-1/2″ being considered normal. Talking with one of our comfort consultants for a few minutes should be all that is necessary to determine what,  if anything, is wrong with your mattress.

We are often able to help our customers keep their existing bed set by simply replacing their inappropriate bed frame. You wouldn't believe the number of beds we encounter that only need extra reinforcement of the frame and not an entirely new set.

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