Should I replace the box springs when buying a new mattress?

The surface it is placed on is an integral part of any mattress set. Most newer box springs are rigid and serve primarily as a foundation, or riser, while most older box springs featured torsion modules, or even springs, that absorbed shock and were designed to work with older-style mattresses. It is often found that the real cause of an uncomfortable mattress is a defective or sagging box spring. If your mattress and box spring are both over 10 years old, you should strongly consider replacing both pieces when buying a new sleep set. Newer mattresses, especially today's one-sided products, are designed to work specifically with their corresponding foundation. Realize that with some exceptions, mattress manufacturers do not offer a warranty when purchasing a mattress without a box spring. At Mattress Mart, we will be happy to help you determine if you need to replace your entire sleep set, just the mattress, or on some occasions, just a new box.

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