What is the shopping environment like at Mattress Mart? Will I be followed by pushy salespeople?

At Mattress Mart we go out of our way to offer a no-pressure shopping environment.

You will never be harassed by rude or aggressive salespeople at our sleep centers. We feature a relaxed showroom that promotes question-asking on your part. We want you to lie back and try as many mattresses as you like and inquire about things you may have read or seen regarding the mattress industry. At Mattress Mart we do not employ traditional salespeople, so you won't be getting "The Pitch". Instead of training our staff regarding sales techniques, we choose to personally educate our comfort consultants in a program that covers every aspect of mattress construction and technology. Our comfort consultants are available to help you find the best mattress for your individual needs through the use of bedding industry and university research-derived guidelines. At Mattress Mart our number one rule is to listen to your needs in order to help you find a solution to your problem.

We treat you as you would like to be treated – honestly, intelligently and with respect for your individual needs.

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