Capitol Bedding Grand Indulgence Plush

Grand Indulgence Plush Latex/Wool Mattress Only:






Mattress with Sealy Ease 2.0 Adjustable Base:

(King Matt w/ Two, TwxinXL Bases)

*Limited odd sizes available for this mattress. See store for details.


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Grand Indulgence Latex/Wool Plush

Made with pride by Capitol Bedding in Grand Ledge, Michigan

Organic Cotton Cover
1.7oz / sqare foot Pure Joma Wool.
This is important - most companies use 1.0oz/ft.
1.7oz/ft is a LOT of one of the best materials you can put in a mattress.

Comfort Layers:
3" Ultra-durable C1 Natural Latex

Support System:
Leggett & Platt's Combi-Zone Edge Encapsulated Coil Unit
1.25" High-Density Firm Base Foam

Edge Support System:
Quantum Spring System

Mattress Dimensions:
Mattress Height: 12"

Width x Length:
Twin.........38" x 75"
TwinXL.....38" x 75" 
Full..........54" x 75" 
Queen......60" x 80"
King.........76" x 80"
Cal-King....72" x 84"

There is so much going on with the Grand Indulgence (also known as the Tranquility and a handful of other names at different retailers) that it's probably best to have you watch a very well-made video of its construction:

Wool. Is. Amazing and is one of, if not the, best material you can put in a mattress.

But, because we don't expect you to believe anything you read from one potentially biased source, here are the Google Search results from a few more: The amazing, wonderful benefits of wool

The Cliff Notes® version would read: Wool a miracle fiber, and the Grand Indulgence uses a LOT of it.


The secret to a bed's durability used to also lie underneath the mattress, and then mattress companies figured out a way to still make the mattress work well, but make it wear out just a bit faster, which put you back in the market for a bed sooner.

Box Springs used to be so heavy-duty that people would use them to drag roads.

Things have changed, and thankfully we don't need a foundation quite like that anymore, but it did serve a purpose! The foundation absorbs a large amount of energy that would otherwise be entirely directed back into the mattress from a solid foundation because of the whole equal-and-opposite-reaction-physics-thingy. (2)

Unfortunately, rising costs (and a tiny bit of planned obsolescence) have forced most manufacturers to cut costs, and the box was the first things to go.

Fortunately, Capitol Bedding is one of the very, very few manufacturers out there still doing it the right way and offering the option of a truly unique, HMI True-Flex Foundation.

To put it plainly: the True-Flex foundation absorbs energy that would otherwise go into your mattress, making it last longer. It's that simple.

Another unique quality of Capitol - if you've ever had a king size mattress and have gotten the dreaded 'hump' in the middle, then you know why Capitol Bedding makes the HMI True-Flex foundation go SIDE-TO-SIDE in a king instead of head-to-toe. This particular box orientation helps prevent the flexing box from being too firm in the least used part of the bed, significantly reducing the hill-and-valley type body impressions that tend to develop in most king size mattresses over time.

Also, the box orientation puts that slightly firmer section of the True-Flex foundation directly under the middle of the mattress, which coincidentally happens to be where we're the heaviest, in our middles.

Additional Information: 

Warranty: 10 Year Non-Prorated Manufacturers Warranty

Items covered under limited warranty can include:
- Body impressions greater than 1.5"
- Shifting, bunching, or clumping of upholstery materials
- Coils or wires that are loose or broken
- Coils or wires that protrude through the fabric
- *Sagging: your sleep set must be continuously supported by an appropriate foundation, or equivalent, with a proper bed frame. The frame should include rigid center support with legs that support down to the floor.
*NOTE: A mattress warranty will be considered void in the event of any staining or being in an unsanitary condition.

Items covered under Foundation warranty can include:
- Splits in the wood frame
- Squeaking, rattling or other non-typical noises
- Broken, loose, or defective boards
- Loose or broken module wires

The Warranty does NOT cover:
- Soiled or stained products
- Damage incurred from using an improper foundation. *See our FAQ section about this issue
- Mattress fabric

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