Therapedic Medicoil HD 3000 Plush

We dare you to try and find a better-built mattress for the price.

Go ahead. We'll wait.

PAY NO TAX on ALL Therapedic HD Beds!

HD 3000 Latex Plush Mattress Only:

Mattress with HEAVY-DUTY 5" or 9" Flat Foundation:

Mattress with Sealy Ease 2.0 ADJUSTABLE Base:
(King Matt w/ Two, TwxinXL Bases)

Unfortunately, due to the unique construction of the HD3000, it is NOT adjustable base compatible.

*Limited odd sizes available for this mattress. See store for details.

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Therapedic Medicoil HD 3000 Plush

Therapedic Medicoil HD 3000 Plush

Made at The Bedding Group in Rock Island, Illinois

All Upholstery Reinforced Through Tailormade Tufting™ Process
Non-Toxic Flame Retardant SafeGuard™ Fiber Quilted to Cover
2″ 1.8lb Superior High-Density Foam

Comfort Layers:
2″ Plush Natural Latex
2″ 2.5lb TheraFoam®
Firm Insulator Pad

Support System:
Hinge-Flex® Knotted Offset Spring from Leggett & Platt
Knotted, offset design gives mattresses with this unit additional strength due to the tighter-sewn helical wire
One of the strongest, most heavy-duty spring systems available on the market today
12.5 Gauge Wire

Edge Support System:
3" 50lb-Compression High-Density Foam Encasement System
One of the firmest and sturdiest Edge Supports available. Period.

Mattress Dimensions:
Mattress Height: 14"

Width x Length:
Twin.........38" x 75"
TwinXL.....38" x 75" 
Full..........54" x 75" 
Queen......60" x 80"
King.........76" x 80"
Cal-King....72" x 84"



We hear on a daily basis how sick and tired consumers are about their durable goods wearing out faster and faster.  Customers are exasperated at planned obsolescence built into their everyday appliances: toasters that only last three years, washers and dryers that wear out in four, refrigerators that barely make eight...the list goes on and on.

A bed should fall into the ‘investment’ category of good durable good and not the 'consumption' category.  A bed should be an investment into your sleep and should an item on which you can rely, night after night, year after year, to provide you with the best and most consistent rest possible so you can make the most of every minute of every day.
And it also shouldn’t have to cost three months’ salary.

Well, you asked, and Therapedic listened.

Mattress Mart is proud to carry the Medicoil HD line by Therapedic. Crafted to be exceptionally heavy-duty at extremely affordable prices, the Medicoil HD line is made to hold its shape and feel, night after consistent night, for years to come.

To achieve this level of durability, you will find that none of the beds in this unique line are overly soft and fluffy. The Medicoil HD 3000 Plush is the middle-of-the-road bed of the three. The addition of 2" Natural Latex, an exceptionally durable foam derived from the sap of rubber trees, helps provide conformity and buoyancy. With one of the industry's most robust foundations, edge supports, spring system, upholstery layers, and warranties, you will not find anything built more stout and resilient than the Medicoil HD 3000 Plush in this price range. We dare you to compare.

HD Tufting

Natural Latex and Memory Foam

High Density TheraFoam

HingeFlex Heavy Duty Spring

TheraEdge Reinforced Seating

HD Foundation


Very similar to the robust spring Stearns & Foster used in decades past, the HD line uses one of the strongest spring systems in the industry, the HingeFlex™ from Leggett & Platt.  Leggett & Platt's HingeFlex™ spring system uses 12.5 gauge, double heat-treated steel and doesn't need the excessive spring count that modern beds attempt to pass off as durability. The HingeFlex™ incorporates a knotted offset spring design, giving the mattress added strength due to the tighter-sewn helical wire securing each spring to the next.

All Therapedic Medicoil HD mattresses are engineered to be durable and supportive for anybody, from the big and tall down to the most petite individual. These heavy-duty-plus mattresses are built to last – with a warranty against sagging or body impressions for 20 years! Our Medicoil HD Mattress Collection features the Therability Foundation™, which surpasses the standard wooden foundation with three times the level of support. All of these beds utilize one of the strongest spring systems available on the market today. Medicoil HD™ mattresses also use the most resilient, high-density polyurethane foam, memory foams, the most durable natural Talalay latex, and every high-performance feature to maintain a long-lasting, restful and healthy sleep surface.

If you're looking for a mattress that isn't going to sag or wear out like the other beds you've purchased in the past, this is it.

HingeFlex by Leggett & PlattFirm Base FoamMedicoil HD Coil UnitHigh Density Polyurethane FoamNatural Latex Foam

Additional Information: 

Warranty: 20 Year Non-Prorated Manufacturers Warranty

Items covered under limited warranty can include:
- Body impressions greater than 1"
- Shifting, bunching, or clumping of upholstery materials
- Coils or wires that are loose or broken
- Coils or wires that protrude through the fabric
- *Sagging: your sleep set must be continuously supported by an appropriate foundation, or equivalent, with a proper bed frame. The frame should include rigid center support with legs that support down to the floor.
*NOTE: A mattress warranty will be considered void in the event of any staining or being in an unsanitary condition.

Items covered under Foundation warranty can include:
- Splits in the wood frame
- Squeaking, rattling or other non-typical noises
- Broken, loose, or defective boards
- Loose or broken module wires

The Warranty does NOT cover:
- Soiled or stained products
- Damage incurred from using an improper foundation. *See our FAQ section about this issue
- Mattress fabric

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