Gail S. - March 2017


We had 3 visits, got different info all 3 times - confusing! Coil gage, warranty and web sites were a tad different each time for these detail oriented comparison shoppers. Appreciated the final pricing by Trent!  Delivery staff Ryan and Chris were efficient, very pleasant and very professional! Will continue to recommend Mattress Mart as I have done for over 20 years. Thank you for what you do!  You are awesome Larrs!

Mattress Mart response:  Hello Gail, and thank you for your kind words.  Even though we make every effort to be 100% accurate, sometimes we make a mistake. The website was corrected immediately with the appropriate gauge of wire for the spring. After all, we're still human and can occasionally mess up! :)  Thank you, thank you, thank you for your business. We really do appreciate any and all constructive feedback that we can get, as it only serves to help us help you better.  Thanks again!

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